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Improves digestion
Treats intestinal toxemia
Maintains bowel regularity
Prevents & alleviates constipation
Treats acute fecal impactions
Helps with colitis
Relieves diarrhea
Reduces bloating & flatulence
Treats parasitic infections
Betters mood
Increases energy
Improves focus
Boosts body's retention of vitamins & nutrients
Improves immune system
Reduces risk of colon cancer
Increases fertility
Maintains blood PH balance
Promotes overall well being


There are certain circumstances where colon hydrotherapy is NOT advised.

Common examples would be people with:

Severe cardiac disease (i.e. uncontrolled hypertension)
Congestive heart failure
Severe anemia
GI hemorrhage or perforation
Severe hemorrhoids
Severe ulcerative colitis
Fissures or fistulas
Rectal bleeding
Heart disease
Abdominal hernias
Recent rectum, abdominal, or colon surgery
Kidney failure or insufficiency
Bowel or rectal cancer
Advanced Crohn's disease
Advanced ileitis

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