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About Oasis


Oasis Holistic Healthcare was founded on the dream of helping others achieve their optimal health through holistic living.

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Professional Experience

The owner of Oasis Holistic Healthcare, Lotus Om, has over 20 years of experience in healthcare ranging from end of life care to mental health care. It truly is her passion to support those in need of guidance as we navigate this experience called life!


About Us

Licensed Nursing Assistant

20+ years

Lotus has been a licensed nursing assistant since 1999. Over the past two decades of serving people from all walks of life with an open heart and compassion, she has ample experience in providing top quality patient care consistently. Lotus has a high level of professional bedside manner with dignity as her utmost priority.

Certified Holistic Life Coach

10+ years

Lotus has been helping clients live their best life at their fullest potential as a Certified Holistic Life Coach for over ten years. She is able to meet her clients where they are at and then help empower them to live a happy and healthy lifestyle with her support and guidance. She assesses where each person is to start with and helps them improve in areas they want to.

Certified Mental Health Nutrition Coach

4+ years

Lotus has many years of experience and training in encouraging her clients to eat for brain and body optimization. She feels it is important to help others feel their best by helping them make informed and good decisions with how they fuel their body and how those decisions directly impact how we think, feel, and perform.

Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

3+ years

Lotus became a certified colon hydrotherapist through Specialty Health in Phoenix, AZ. Her training was conducted by the designers of the specific closed-unit system she uses at Oasis. She is unique in this field because she has extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology. As well as having past experience in massage therapy, Lotus uses this combination of special techniques to maximize the results of every colonic. 

About Me

I’m Lotus - the owner, licensed health coach, and certified colon hydrotherapist of Oasis Holistic Healthcare. I strive to help you live a vital life through a strong relationship between your mind and body. Understanding the importance of the mind-body connection, I aim to find the perfect balance for you!

With over twenty years of experience in health care, I have been devoted to serving others to improve their quality of life. My goals are to help you find your optimal health so you can live your best life possible.

When I'm not working with my clients, I enjoy time with my family doing things out in nature and connecting. Some of the many activities my family and I enjoy experiencing together include; hiking with our standard poodle pup, crafting organic meals, and homesteading on our small farm. My personal passion lies in living a natural and healthy life to maintain balance within and without.

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Oasis Holistic Healthcare Studio

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