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Integrative Mental Health Coaching

At Oasis we support each client in making informed and beneficial decisions about how they fuel their body, while encouraging them to pay close attention to how those decisions directly impact how they think, feel, and perform.


Lotus' style of coaching is very down-to-earth and practical. She speaks openly and directly and there is ease within each session, with the goal being to better your mind and body connection.

Integrative Mental Health Coaching concentrates on creating a personalized plan of mindfulness and self-awareness in order to achieve an individual's health goals. Whether that goal is to improve their overall health, relieve chronic conditions, reduce pharmaceutical medications, or eliminate environmental toxicity, Lotus uses holistic modalities to assess where each person is at in the moment, and a heart-centered approach to encourage them while they meet their goals and improve their lives.  


As a Certified Holistic Life Coach, she assists her clients in living their best life, at their fullest potential, both mentally and physically. Using her background as an environmental detox specialist, Lotus will analyze any external factors that are actively affecting her clients' lives to best identify any beneficial changes they can make.


Lotus meets her clients where they are and empowers them to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. For the past twelve years, Lotus has assisted people in safely and successfully tapering off pharmaceutical medications that are no longer working for them. She has a broad understanding of how to balance neurochemistry while adjusting lifestyle habits. This is a delicate process that requires a level of transparency to be most effective. 


With an advanced certificate in Addiction and Mental Health Nutrition Coaching, she uses integrative methods to evaluate her clients' current life habits and create wholesome changes to better their overall health. She has extensive knowledge and experience in helping people navigate their goals by balancing the body and mind, with amino acids, herbs, proper diet, mindfulness, and a holistic lifestyle.


Contact her now if you are ready to become more aligned with a truer sense of self.

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