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Succulent Leaves

Integrative Mental Health Coaching
60-minute session

Packages available 

Price Per Session
Contact directly for
pricing information.

Colon Hydrotherapy
60-minute session
Package of three sessions*



Yoni Steaming
30-minute session


Relaxation & Release Package


This package is the perfect way to relax and release. This experience includes hot herbal tea, relaxing music, and aromatherapy. You are invited to bring a book and be prepared to simply unwind. The total length of this package is two hours and it includes:

Foot Soak

This package includes a 30-minute soak in Epsom salt, organic lavender buds, organic olive oil, lavender essential oil. Your feet have the largest pores on your entire body and soaking them in this relaxing concoction soothes your nervous system while remineralizing. 


Abdominal Castor Oil Pack

This package includes a 20-minute abdomminal castor oil pack. A flannel cloth is saturated with castor oil and placed over your abdomen then you are gently wrapped with a towel and a hot water bottle is applied. Abdominal castor oil sessions will be accompanied with healing red-light therapy. Castor oil is known for its drawing nature allowing toxins to be released and promotes motility in the digestive tract which allows for a more effective colon hydrotherapy session.


Colon Hydrotherapy

This package includes a 45-minute colon hydrotherapy session. Most sessions are accompanied by abdominal massage and insights into the results of your release.

Booking Details
*Package of three sessions must be used within a 60-day period
The full amount is due the day of your session
Accepted forms of payment include; cash, check, Zelle & Venmo
Last-minute cancellations will result in the use of one of the package sessions


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