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Oasis Holistic Healthcare

Nurture the Oasis Within

Services Offered by Oasis

Integrative Mental Health Coaching

By assessing each client's overall health, our integrative mental health coach will discuss personalized options for them to achieve their ideal wellness. Upon request, Lotus is able to answer any diet- and health-related questions or concerns during the session.

Colon Hydrotherapy

The main focus of each session is colon cleansing with hydrotherapy. This detoxes the digestive system of toxins while making a prime environment for healthy gut biome.

Abdominal Castor
Oil Pack

Castor oil is known for its drawing nature allowing toxins to be loosened and released in the colon which allows for a more effective colon hydrotherapy session. A flannel cloth is saturated with castor oil and placed over your abdomen then you are gently wrapped with a towel and a hot water bottle is applied. 

Foot Soak
Yoni Steaming

A 30-minute soak in Epsom salt, organic lavender buds, organic olive oil, & lavender essential oil. 

Your feet have the largest pores on your entire body and soaking them in this relaxing concoction soothes your nervous system while remineralizing. 

Yoni steaming, also known as vaginal steaming, supports ultimate female balance. This practice encourages menses regulation, inflammation reduction, and bacterial/pH restoration. This ancient tradition is known to detoxify and cleanse the womb.


About Me

I’m Lotus - the owner, licensed health coach, and certified colon hydrotherapist of Oasis Holistic Healthcare. I strive to help you live a vital life through a strong relationship between your mind and body. Understanding the importance of the mind-body connection, I aim to find the perfect balance for you!

With over twenty years of experience in health care, I have been devoted to serving others to improve their quality of life. My goals are to help you find your optimal health so you can live your best life possible.

When I'm not working with my clients, I enjoy time with my family doing things out in nature and connecting. Some of the many activities my family and I enjoy experiencing together include; hiking with our standard poodle pup, crafting organic meals, and homesteading on our small farm. My personal passion lies in living a natural and healthy life to maintain balance within and without.

Oasis Holistic Healthcare Studio



"Lotus is the best colon therapist I have ever met. I believe it is due to her years of experience, training in many other wellness methods, and her gift of human connection. She knows how to listen to your body, get it to respond, and always has something helpful in mind to help you help yourself improve also.
Her practice is very clean and private. She is a very sweet, humble person who makes you feel cared for. It is a pleasure to recommend her to you."

-Tricia K.

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